Thursday, July 2, 2015

Devon Wedding photographer photoshoot in the latest edition of The Wedding Factor Magazine out this week.

Recently photographer Guy Harrop was on location for a magazine shoot in the beautiful scenic fishing village of Clovelly on the North Devon coast. The day started with Guy briefing the team, then with the weather onside, the makeup and hair stylists got to work. Creating the eye-catching images wasn't as straightforward as it looks as everyone had to work against the tide, which in Clovelly, comes in at a phenomenal rate. Said Guy, " It was an amazing day, luckily I had pre-visited the venue and had an idea of the shots I wanted to produce. Also the sunlight was quite harsh that day so we changed my location to make use of the shadows and available lighting, balancing it with off camera flash. Being creative is my job so being able to adapt to conditions, even if up to my knees in seawater seems pretty normal really. This year I have seen my wedding side to my business really take off with lots of exciting bookings for 2016 already."

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