Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cornish chefs pic used on Masterchef The Professionals TV programme last night.

    Pic of Celebrity chefs Rick Stein, Michael Caines and Nathan Outlaw fishing in a small boat used on MasterChef: The Professionals TV programme last night. Photo Guy Harrop

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Late autumn light makes rivers come alive for the travelling photographer, Exmoor, UK.

Living on the edge of Exmoor we are lucky to experience the beautiful changes with all the seasons. 
In every weather and in every light. 
These moments come and then disappear as quickly as they arrive.
Close your eyes and they are missed, blink and they are gone.
Light is magic, to be enjoyed and forever remembered.
 Often slithers of time never to be captured on film.
But sometimes that magic needs to be shared and when it lights your soul inside,
spread the warmth of it's beauty as change is but a moment away.

Photos/words by Guy Harrop

Monday, November 24, 2014

Devon Photographer out shooting as morning sunrise captures the magic on Exmoor.

Devon PR photographer Guy Harrop out early this morning chasing the magical light across Exmoor.
24 November 2014.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Food photographer working behind the scenes with the chefs at the Trencherman's awards ceremony at Zacry's Restaurant at Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall UK

This week food photographer Guy Harrop was in Cornwall shooting the first ever Trencherman's awards ceremony at Zacry's Restaurant at Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall. The awards event included an amazing five course dinner cooked by Trencherman's chefs and was attended by over 90 foodies from across the Region. " It was a busy night for me, capturing the award winners in between courses, shooting behind the scenes reportage, group shots and 10 minutes to light, photograph and eat each course! I used several sets of different lighting on the night, pre-set up switching between channels and transceivers.", Said Guy.

PICTURED are chefs Neil Haydock of Watergate Bay Hotel, Michelin-star holder Mark Dodson of The Masons Arms in North Devon, Anton Piotrowski of The Treby Arms near Plymouth, Louise McCrimmon of Second Floor Restaurant at Harvey Nichols in Bristol and Chris Cleghorn of The Olive Tree Restaurant at The Queensberry in Bath. 
All photos Guy Harrop.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bringing in the herring catch in time for the annual Clovelly Herring Festival, Clovelly, UK

Photo by Guy Harrop 14/11/14. Clovelly harbour master Stephen Perham whose family have been fishing for Herring for over 200 years pulls in the days herring catch ahead of the Clovelly's annual Herring Festival at the weekend, Devon. He is a 6th generation herring fisherman and uses a traditional wooden picarooner boat and drifting nets. The fishing village originally worked over 80 herring boats employing over 200 men, today , there are just 2 boats fishing for herring. Pictured is fisherman Stephen Perham and Joy James pulling in the nets.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

PR Photographer shooting lots of exciting corporate portraits for leading Marketing and PR clients in the South West, UK.

Successful PR and marketing photography is very important and getting the right image across to your clients is key to this. This year photographer Guy Harrop has really noticed an increase in outdoor company portrait photography with clients looking to incorporate the beautiful environments where we work. "Location photography is really quite the 'norm' now. We live in such a beautiful place and people literally can work from anywhere. With more companies working from and moving into the countryside, a big percentage of portraiture photography has definitely moved outside too.", said Guy. All photos Guy Harrop.

Delicious Banoffee pie puddings oozing taste at The Thatch, Croyde, Devon UK

Some of The Thatch puddings made by Mrs Osborne, Devon. Her weekly specials can be found on the blackboard near the food counter. Beautiful to photograph, delicious to taste. Food photographer always hungry on shoots !!     
All photos Guy Harrop.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Devon PR photographer recent fun shoot with cars for book manuals.

Photographer Guy Harrop shooting a recent car manual for women with publishers on location, UK

Delicious Drakes Trail combines running, fancy dress and food stops across Devon, UK

Participents enjoy the regular food stops on the Delicious Drake's Trail, Devon. The yearly event combines fancy dress, gourmet food breaks and a 15 mile run through the Devon countryside. Pictured are runners on the15 mile foodie run which starts at Buckland Abbey, Devon. All photos Guy Harrop