Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One of UK's oldest identical twins celebrate their 100th birthday together, Devon UK

One of Britain's oldest set of identical twins celebrated their 100th birthday this week, with them both receiving telegrams from the Queen on the same day.
Identical wins Freda ( pictured right) and Doll (Doris) Latham who were born on 5th May 1914 celebrated their joint 100th birthday with all their relatives including  five generations of family and two of their sisters, also in their nineties at the Barnstaple Hotel in Devon UK. 
Doris and Freda , also both share the same surname Latham as they married two brothers. They both still live in their own homes and agreed the secret to longevity was down to home grown vegetables.
Pictured are the twins with their telegrams from the Queen. Photos by Guy Harrop

 Pictured are the twins in their early 20's