Monday, January 5, 2015

Photographer enjoys the big waves and light at Croyde, Devon, UK

Every couple of years I sometimes get one of those days when the weather is sunny, I am not on a commissioned location shoot and the big surf is crashing in to one of our local beaches. These days are rare getting all three elements to come together. I might call it a day off but then I guess I am technically working in the office. I grew up living looking at the sea everyday and it always amazes me with its power and beauty. We are lucky to be where we are and are fortunate to appreciate what we have.
These photos were taken from a set of images taken at Croyde beach over the course of a day.
All photos copyright Guy Harrop

Waves crashing into Lynmouth bay, Devon as the sun rises on a winter morning, UK

Morning waves crashing into the sea wall at Lynmouth, Devon where Exmoor meets the sea. 
Image copyright Guy Harrop.