Friday, July 17, 2015

Devon food photographer post: Bread is love and makes a beautiful mess.

Recently I have been working with lots of different artisan foodies, both on location, in restaurants and in the studio. Having the freshest produce on a shoot always helps, but having the best quality foods that you can get is a must. This week one of the projects I photographed was a series of images on bread for Red Dog Bakery, an artisan bakery. Bread is a staple food in many countries, including our own. There is also an art to it: the type of grains/flours used, the types of starter, the room temperature, then it is mixed, proved, shaped, baked in a hot oven and then usually shared and finally eaten. Good quality bread lasts a week and the sourdoughs that Red Dog make are excellent. As you can imagine for a photoshoot - flour and loaves everywhere but beautiful smells and tastes afterwards. I was also lucky enough to go on one of their sourdough courses a few weeks ago, which they run near Holsworthy. All photos food photographer Guy Harrop.