Friday, April 2, 2010

Devon press and PR photographer celebrates another scoop as Flintstones wedding goes global

International award winning Press and PR photographer Guy Harrop celebrates more International success after his exclusive photographs of couple Ed Robinson and Gayle Watson's Flintstone themed wedding hit the news on a global level. Several spreads of Guy's pictures appeared in yesterday's National tabloids including the Daily Mail, The Sun, Daily Express, the Metro and Daily Telegraph pic of day online as well as some regionals. From this coverage ITN followed up on the story interviewing the couple, featuring them in a slot on the national news which again used several of Guy's wedding photographs both in the main lunchtime and evening programmes. Websites and blogsites across the net also picked up on it which again featured some of Guy's wacky flintstone wedding photos. Guy said, " Gayle and Ed were great fun to work with and we did well to shoot all the pics in a 10 minute slot before the rain moved in. It is just great to see my images being used globally and you always feel proud after taking a set of pics that work - although I did get a couple of calls asking about April fool's day!"
More of Guy's award winning images can be seen at his website

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